GUIDE PRICING 



Every wedding or celebration is different and we try to personalise each one.  Please call to discuss your individual needs. Dates, timings and locations affect the pricing 





 Traditional Fish and Chips with mushy peas cooked fresh at your location and served from the counter on eco friendly card trays lined with newspaper print grease proof paper

Options of Sausage for non fish eaters and Halloumi and vegan sausage for vegetarians and our new vegan sausages

                                           Guide prices depending on date, location and distance to travel                              

                                                    up to   80 guests            from     £680

                                         100 guests                       £720

                                         Over 100                          £7 per person



Condiments of salt, vinegar, ketchup and tartar sauce along with paper napkin and disposable polished wood or white veggie ware cutlery are included in the price

Curry, gravy, crockery and metal cutlery are also available at an additional charge



                                          We can also offer a range of  Canapes, Starters and Desserts

Canapes £6 per person for a selection of 4 canapes per person. 


 You can choose from desserts at £4 per person such as  

                                                                 Sticky Toffee Pudding

                                                         Gateaux, Roulade

                                                         Cheese Cake

                                                         Apple Pie

                                                         Strawberries and meringue   all served with ice cream


We serve approximately100 main course meals per hour


Prices are fully inclusive of travel costs up 1 hour travel time each way.    


Minimum charge of £650 depending on the season  (excluding additional mileage and table service) These prices are indicative so please email or text to discuss your personal requirements

 The Lake District Fish and Chip Company        
   07757 617976