FISH                                            Highest quality North Atlantic Cod, large slow grwoing cod,  frozen at sea and defrosted the day of your event and portioned to good sized pieces.


CHIPS                                     The best potatoes freshly peeled and chipped


BATTER                                       Fish are coated just as they go in the pan with Light and crispy batter.  Lightly battered always available. 


MUSHY PEAS                          Traditionally cooked   




                                  Other options are also available, 


                                Steak & Kidney Pudding, Sausages, Butternut Squash Curry


and for Vegetarians we have

Breaded Camembert, Sausages, even our Curry & Gravy are Vegetarian


All condiments of salt, vinegar, tomatoes ketchup, tartar sauce and mayonnaise are provided with paper napkins and eco friendly polished beech wood cutlery.